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We promise that everyday your child will learn something:

Some days they will take it home in their heads.

Some days they will take it home in their hands.

And some days they will take it home in their hearts.

Staff Directory

Contact Jon Adkins  Jon Adkins School Resource Officer
Contact Shawna Adkins  Shawna Adkins ex: 149 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Tenae Alfaro  Tenae Alfaro ex: 103 Principal
Contact Connie Arnold  Connie Arnold ex: 190 Second Grade Teacher
Contact Deb Bartel  Deb Bartel ex: 158 Science Teacher
Contact James (Jim) Brown  James (Jim) Brown ex: 132 P.E.
Contact Carly Budd  Carly Budd Special Ed Para
Contact Teresa Budd  Teresa Budd General Ed Aide
Contact Beth Burns  Beth Burns ex: 173 Art
Contact Betzi Diaz  Betzi Diaz ELL Para
Contact Gina Dietrich  Gina Dietrich Food Service
Contact Deanna Folkerts  Deanna Folkerts ex: 185 Special Education Teacher
Contact Margo Gaeddert  Margo Gaeddert Special Ed Para
Contact Christina Gonzalez  Christina Gonzalez ex: 179 ELL Teacher
Contact Rebecca Haines  Rebecca Haines ex: 144 Special Education Teacher
Contact Annie Hanchett  Annie Hanchett Special Ed Para
Contact Edna Hanzliicek  Edna Hanzliicek ex: 102 Secretary
Contact Diane Hershberger  Diane Hershberger ex: 195 First Grade Teacher
Contact Heather Koehn  Heather Koehn ex: 165 Third Grade Teacher
Contact Sebrina Ledesma  Sebrina Ledesma Regular Ed Aide
Contact Sara Lewis  Sara Lewis Regular Ed Aide
Contact Angie Long  Angie Long ex: 102 Secretary
Contact Shawna McCartney  Shawna McCartney ex: 163 Third Grade Teacher
Contact Katelin McEachern  Katelin McEachern ex: 193 First Grade Teacher
Contact Alyssa Miller  Alyssa Miller ex: 160 Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Cindy Miller  Cindy Miller Food Service
Contact Dawn Miller  Dawn Miller ex: 135 S.M.D. Teacher
Contact Jo Miller  Jo Miller Special Ed Para
Contact Tammie Moore  Tammie Moore Speech Para
Contact Emily Mosqueda  Emily Mosqueda S.M.D. Para
Contact Kathy Murphy  Kathy Murphy ex: 110 Extended Learning Teacher
Contact Allison Nava  Allison Nava Psych Para
Contact Marilyn Nickel  Marilyn Nickel Food Service
Contact Brooke Pickerill  Brooke Pickerill ex: 150 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Brian Postier  Brian Postier ex: 116 Music
Contact Ruth Pracht  Ruth Pracht Food Service
Contact Laura Pyle  Laura Pyle ex: 157 Title 1 Specialist
Contact Andrea Regier  Andrea Regier ex: 142 Vision Impairment
Contact Lori Satterfield  Lori Satterfield General Ed Aide
Contact Kara Schmidt  Kara Schmidt ex: 151 Media Specialist
Contact Kiley Schmidt  Kiley Schmidt ex: 148 Speech
Contact Marsha Schmidt  Marsha Schmidt ex: 157 Title 1 Specialist
Contact Lynda Schroeder  Lynda Schroeder ex: 151 Library Aide
Contact Kathryn Snyder  Kathryn Snyder ex: 111 Psychologist
Contact Mitzi Solorio-Negrete  Mitzi Solorio-Negrete ELL Para
Contact Marvin Stewart  Marvin Stewart Custodian
Contact Allison Suhr  Allison Suhr ex: 162 Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Jodi Sunderland  Jodi Sunderland Library Clerk
Contact Brian Tiemeyer  Brian Tiemeyer Regular Ed Aide
Contact Sarah Vogt  Sarah Vogt ex: 188 Second Grade Teacher
Contact Adam Voth  Adam Voth Regular Ed Aide
Contact Amanda Walker  Amanda Walker S.M.D. Para
Contact Brandy Welsch  Brandy Welsch S.M.D. Para
Contact Coleen Werner  Coleen Werner ex: 109 Social Worker
Contact Kaitlin Williams  Kaitlin Williams ex: 114 Nurse
Contact Jon Woelk  Jon Woelk Custodian